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Last March, our group of 30 left for a short trip to England and Wales. This time instead of bringing English to the classroom we decided to take the classrooms to England. As a result, our students stayed in host families, travelled the English motorways, tried the English cuisine and naturally discovered some iconic places in England. Even if the trip felt short the list of highlights is long.

Starting with the Royal family and Windsor or Westminster Abbey which will be the focus of the world's attention on April 29th. We went on with a visit of Oxford with its world-renowned colleges. Later, we travelled back in time and were taken down the mineshaft of the big pit, Wales. The underground tour was a chance to understand the industrial revolution as well as the working conditions at the time. Add Cardiff, Bath and Gloucester to the list and you will see the extent of the program.

Find out more on May 5th with our photo exhibition (movie and podcasts). Here is a preview...







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  • street art-ephemeral art
  • Complete your worksheet.



for the students

Create a travel journal designed as follow:

1)the total of 5 days will be shown on 5 pages
2)each page will consist of 2 photographs (in the frame provided) and 2 short texts
3)day 1 and 2 should deal with general information such as families, bus rides, food,...

Your work is to be sent to Mr Smoniowski or Mrs Jibert by Wednesday, May 4th