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Friday March 24th : History Conference in English

On the occasion of the ‘Semaine de la Presse’ and in the framework of WWI Commemorations

Our seniors (TES & TL DNL) are glad to invite their younger fellow students in 3e

to a History Conference in English on the theme “WAR & MEDIA in the XXth century”

Friday March 24th 2:30 – 3:45 pm, in the CDI

Want to join and win ? Discover the programme here!

limited number of seats – secure your seat at the CDI by March 22d



  • Colonial Wars in the printed press (The Illustrated London News)

By Julia Schmid, Evelyne Van der Vloedt, Imane Karimou and Matthieu Bettinelli

  • World War II and the radio (BBC)

By Caroline Marzi

  • World War II and the beginning of photojournalism  (LIFE magazine)

By Alexandra Achmetsafin & Aya Kuzbari

  • The Vietnam War on television

By Karin Grabmayr, Lara Gilkarov, Iris Januska, Sharon Winter and Chloé Staufer

  • The Gulf War and live war coverage (CNN)

By Alina Yalmanian, Imane Karimou and Bénédicte Aubet

  • Questions/ Quizz and… Surprize Award Ceremony

Want to join and win ?

Secure your seat at the CDI by March 22d !
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