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How to fight plastic pollution : Children’s Clean Ocean Summit, UN.

On Friday 22nd June, a group of 5ème 3,4,5 from the LFV attended the first Children’s Clean Ocean Summit at the United Nations in Vienna, organized by Peder Hill and the UN. The summit included over 300 children aged 12 to 16. The goals of the summit were to teach children about ocean pollution and give them a powerful voice to express their concerns.

Following presentations about potential solutions, they had to vote for the 3 solutions they found most important:

1. Education – the secret weapon

2. Refuse, reduce, recycle – all single-use products should be banned.

3. Support large ocean-cleaning projects and technology.

The list of what should be done is the main part of the Children’s Declaration on Ocean Pollution, signed by all and which will be sent to every government in the world.

The group of 5ème then worked on a poster “The last whale” made entirely out of plastic collected in the Lycée and pointing out the alarming facts on plastic pollution and the main solutions. You can see it in the hall.

Would you like to give your voice to protect our planet’s oceans?

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Help stop plastic pollution! More information on Kids Save Ocean.

Ms Paoli