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Meeting with Clémentine Beauvais

On Wednesday, March 20th, 2019, at school, we met Clémentine Beauvais. She is a university teacher in York, England and a writer for children and teenagers. This author is French, but she also writes in English. We asked her some questions about her life as a writer, her routine and her likes and dislikes. Here is what we discovered:

When Clémentine Beauvais was small, she wanted to be a primary school teacher or a writer. Now she is both because she doesn’t earn a lot of money as a writer.

In general, she writes after teaching or at the weekend. Sometimes she writes for one hour in the morning. She needs more or less five months to write a book, but it can also be one year because from time to time she does not have any ideas. She says it is difficult to find motivation and inspiration, but writing is a passion and it is beautiful to finish a book. She also thinks that it is easier to write books for adults because adults read books that are not so interesting, but kids don’t do that.

She doesn’t remember her favourite book when she was a child, but she really liked Harry Potter for a long time. She has invented many characters, but her favourites are Bibi Scott and Mireille Laplanche.

During her free time Clémentine Beauvais plays the piano and loves to read, but she doesn’t have a real hobby.

We enjoyed meeting this writer because she was very kind, she answered all of our questions and we spoke English with a real author.

Thank you for reading this article.

Ms. Planchon’s English class



Clémentine Beauvais at the LFV

Our CM2 English class interviewed the talented, young, French author Clémentine Beauvais.

First, as a passionate reader, she enjoys reading realistic stories. As a child she used to read comics, adventure books like Pippi Longstockings and fantasy books like Harry Potter of course.

Clémentine Beauvais started writing at the age of 10. When she writes she gets her ideas everywhere and uses her imagination a lot; plus, she always knows the end of the story when she starts writing it. Actually she usually finds it hard to finish the story because she quickly loses interest. So she is always very happy when she completes her stories.

What's more, Clémentine translates books: she is working on the translation of Mary Poppins at the moment. Writers do not earn so much money and Clémentine is a teacher at university too. She explains teaching is a very gratifying experience even if students at University are not always motivated to work in the morning.

If Clementine had to choose between cats and dogs, she would choose cats because they are her favourite animals, but she has not got any. She is fond of dogs too.

She has been living in the UK for more than twelve years, she speaks English perfectly: British people are usually disappointed to hear she has not got any French accent.

When we asked her what living in the UK for a French person was like, she answered English people would usually expect French women to be sophisticated and look nice but not to be very intelligent!

At last, Clémentine answered our question on Brexit: she lives in a part  of England where a lot of people voted to leave the EU. She is not scared for herself because she has the right to stay but she knows people who would like to stay but do not know if they can...

Thank you Clémentine for talking to us.

S.Schramm--Soudain's English class